A Perfect Website Solution for a Small Business

Recently I was contacted by the owner of a small business in Bellingham. She was interested in developing a website for her small business. As a massage therapist with a busy schedule, she did not want to have to spend a lot of time updating and maintaining a website. She also had a limited budget.

She contacted several of the big web design firms in Whatcom County and learned that a custom website would cost, at a minimum, several thousand dollars. This was a startling discovery. She was starting to think that a basic website was out of reach.

About that time, a mutual friend introduced us and I explained my approach to website design. I use WordPress to develop powerful and highly customizable websites in an affordable way. By using WordPress and the many available design templates, I can create a professional website at a fraction of the cost of a custom site.

During my initial meetings with Kathie, I suggested that she link her new site to social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. I described how WordPress is well designed to handle this kind of interaction. By using one of the many available plugins, we were able to create a connection between her facebook page and her WordPress blog.

What’s the end of this story? Kathie is happy with her new website. She is able to create new, fresh content on a regular basis through the easy to use web interface. She has received lots of positive feedback from clients and potential clients. And the bottom line? She has developed new business from her new presence on the world wide web.

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