Celebrating 15 Years of Web Design in Bellingham

Almost exactly 15 years ago, I began my journey with web design. I took a class and earned a certificate in web design at Western Washington University, in Bellingham. I had already earned a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design and Photography from WWU, and now returned to learn about this new type of design — web design.

I loved it immediately. I loved the evolving nature of a website. The way you can build it and improve it over time. I appreciated the potential world-wide audience of this new way of publishing. I was fascinated with the blending of art and technology. I could tell even then, that this would be a medium that would captivate me for years to come. And it has.

Over the years I have developed websites for all kinds of businesses and organizations in Bellingham and beyond – boat builders, daycare centers, a medical supply company, a charter fishing resort, an HVAC company. I have enjoyed learning about all these different industries and endeavors almost as much as I have enjoyed developing my web development skills.

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